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A finance girl goes web...

My name is Anika and after years in finance & controlling I've started my second career as a web developer a while ago. Discovering my passion to code was like a revelation, although I've always been kind of tech savvy in my previous business life.

I love what I do, using well established best-practices combined with customized and individual solutions. Depending on the complexity and project requirements I choose from a variety of languages, tools and techniques. For example:


Here you can find some examples for the services I offer and tasks I can support you with. The list is by no means exhaustive, so whatever you need for your project, just let me know about and I’m happy to make it possible!

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Web Development

  • Website creation, re-creation, updating
  • Microsites, landing pages, coming soon pages, 404-error pages
  • Creation and implementation of individual site elements or components like contact forms, navigation, menus, mobile menu, footer, overlays etc
  • Code overhauling
  • Framework (e. g. Bootstrap), library or UI Kit implementation
  • Transform PSD, mockups to code (HTML/CSS)
  • Adding or improving responsiveness and making it mobile friendly
  • Implement new CI or branding into existing website
  • Implement user interactivity via Javascript, jQuery, PHP
  • Implement animations either eye-catching or just subtle visual user feedback
  • API integration, e. g. Google Maps API, Canvas API, Social Media APIs
  • Embed your Google reviews onto your website
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WordPress Development

  • WordPress theme, child theme development and/or customization
  • Set-up, administration & maintenance of WordPress sites
  • Plugin integration, development, customization
  • Develop custom post types
  • ECommerce integration — set-up and customization of online shops in accordance with EU/ German law
  • Payment gateway integration
  • RSS feed, Social Media integration
  • Newsletter integration
  • Custom email templates
  • Multilanguage implementation
  • Transfer non WordPress sites to WordPress
  • Performing any kind of update, e. g. WordPress itself, theme, plugins
  • Performance optimization
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Website Management & Administration

  • Set-up and manage your website with your web host from domain registration to go live
  • Routine check ups and maintenance of your webspace
  • Server migration, including databases
  • Implement and manage back-up process
  • Implement SSL certificate
  • Manage access to your web site and directory and enhance security via .htaccess-files, e.g. denying access, implement user authentication, redirects to new URLs or subdomains, block bad bots, prevent hotlinking etc.
  • I’m familiar with the hosting control panels Confixx, Plesk and CPanel
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Search Engine Optimization - SEO

You may have heard about SEO and even if the hype sometimes seems to be a little bit exaggerated, there are some aspects you should consider in order to help Google or other search engines to find your page and give it a good ranking.

SEO is not only about meta tags and keywords, it’s also about clean and clear code and page structure, pretty URLs, page speed, responsiveness, security (SSL certification), providing (XML-)site maps, adding instructions for web crawlers and much more.

While developing new web projects, I keep SEO in mind of course. But I can also help you improving your existing website in terms of SEO. When using WordPress, there are also several plugins which can come in handy, for example SEO Yoast.

Want to work with me? Just use my contact form below. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Don't forget to check out my portfolio!


Below you can find a selection of my projects and work samples. Do you want to know more? Just get in contact!

Custom WordPress Theme

Screenshot Pariscores

This theme was developed from scratch, based on the Wordpress starter theme Underscores.

It's highly customizable, fully responsive, accessible and cross browser compatible. It includes a masonry like post grid layout for archive and search pages and further nice UX features like a sticky navigation bar, a dynamic back-to-top-button as well as an animated mobile menu toggle button. It also supports SVG icons including fallbacks for old browsers.

View on Github

WordPress Online Shop

Screenshot Macaron Shop

With my secret weakness for macarons I thought it was a perfect idea to set up a fictitious eCommerce store for it.

I used the WordPress WooCommerce & WooCommerce Germanized Plugins, created a child theme and customized everything to fit my desires. Including a custom contact form, background slider, product sliders, some additional CSS and a bit of JavaScript and PHP to enhance the default functionalities et voilà... My toy shop 2.0 was ready to play with.

In parallel it's my dummy shop to test new plugins, updates or more complex code changes before using it in production.

Restaurant Page

Screenshot Sushi&Noodles

Work in progress: Sushi & Noodles

If I ever open a restaurant, it will be this. And here you can have a glimpse on its future online presence. It comes with optional hero images, easy to customize menu & testimonials section, a reservations form, blog/news pages and much more. Additionally I used some features of the Jetpack plugin. Of course, there's also space for some fun: Flying sushi pieces cross the screen from time to time, animating the visitor to interact.

Next step will be to integrate an online food ordering service using the WooCommerce plugin.

Memory Game

screenshot memory-game

The good old memory game based on plain JavaScript.

I wanted to present some of my travel pictures in a new way than just having another image gallery. In order to have some variation from game to game, on refresh it chooses an amount of 12 cards from a stack of 20 images, duplicates this array, shuffles it and builts the game in HTML.

For the responsive grid layout I gave CSS Grid a try and I'm really happy with it. The game works in most browsers, but I have still to add support for Internet Explorer...

DevMatch - Ruby on Rails app

screenshot devmatch

The project scope was to build an online platform for a fictitious start-up called DevMatch, composed of HTML, CSS/SCSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, using Git, Bootstrap, e-commerce tools etc.

It features user registration and authentication, user profiles including image upload, a community page, contact form, email notifications, subscription for basic or premium membership and billing process via Stripe.

Developed on Cloud9 and deployed with Heroku.

View on Github

Passion to code - One page layout

Screenshot Passion-to-code

This page here you're surfing right now, I have built from scratch, with the use of the Bootstrap framework and some custom jQuery for the little tweaking here and there. A bit of Ajax and PHP is used for the contact form.

I wanted a clean, simple, responsive layout with some nice features like smooth scrolling, dynamic back-to-top-button, sticky header, a quote slider and some popovers etc. to show you some of the options you have when using Bootstrap. Yes, I like Bootstrap, but of course there are also other good frameworks out there like Bulma, Materialize CSS and so on and I'm happy to try out any other. ;-)

Fancy home page navigation

Screenshot Parallax

For an upcoming project I wanted to create something I had in mind since a while. So I set up this colour- and playful scenery for a home page navigation, using CSS animations and some parallax effects which react to device orientation, or mouse/ cursor moves.

Take a look here and discover what I've done so far. But please be patient and wait minimum 15 sec to catch everything...

There's more to come soon, I guess. ;-)

Interactive JavaScript playground

I love to play around with JavaScript and discover its extensive possibilities, especially when it comes to image interaction with the use of the CANVAS API. Here are some examples to try out:


screenshot Kaleidoscope


screenshot Mandala

Cursor Trails

screenshot Cursor Trails

Wipe away

screenshot Wipe Away


Do you want to work with me, have some questions or just want to exchange views about the coding universe? Just fill out the contact form below and I get back to you as soon as possible.

Looking forward to reading from you!


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